Nail Services

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Artificial Nails

BeeQI , Stadium location would like to minimize toxic odors, and therefore we do not provide Acrylic Nails. Dipping Powder can create a look alike Acrylic nail but lightweight ,stainless that is the big deal for hair colorists and others who work with dyes. We offers over 200 colors with dipping powders

Dip powder is the newest nail technique on the market, rivaling gel and acrylic manicures in longevity and versatility ; you can think of it as the happy medium between those two. Everyone strives for a long-lasting manicure or even one that just simply, will last the full two weeks, dip powder can give that to you and more!  Dip Powder allows you the flexibility of being able to grow out your thin, brittle nails , still protect them, and have them look amazing. Using the Dip Powder allows there to be an extra layer of protection on top of your nail to prevent further breakage and allow the natural nail to grow without fear of breaking from opening a soda can. Not only is it great to use on natural nails, it also won’t chip or peel like other polishes. This Dip Powder is formulated without harsh chemicals, has added vitamins to help strengthen your nails, and won’t damage the nail bed. There is no need for monomer , since the system is applied with a series of adhesive-like glazes.

Dipping Powder Natural set             $40

Dipping Ombre set                              $55

Dipping Powder Pink & White          $55                 

Dipping Marble set                               $55      

*To add nail extensions, it is an extra $10     

It will be extra $10 to soak off previous Dipping Powder set.

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Natural Nails


Classic Manicure                                     $20

Classic Pedicure                                      $30                                

Classic Mani & Pedi                                $50

Collagen Spa manicure                          $30

Collagen Spa Pedicure                           $55                                

Collagen Spa Mani & Pedi                     $80    

No chip Mani ( shellac)                         $30

No chip Pedicure                                    $45

No chip Mani & Pedi                              $75

Herbal Spa Mani                                     $25

Herbal Spa Pedi                                      $45

Herbal Spa Mani and Pedi                  $70

Jelly Pedicure                                       $45

Cleopatra Spa Pedicure $50

*French tips – add $5 for hands & $5 for toes

 Children 11 and under receive 20% off  of regular price


Additional Services


Paraffin for Hand or Feet                                   $10        

Nail Design                                                             $3 & up

Polish Change – Regular (hand- feet)          $10 - $15

Shellac Polish Change (hand-feet)         $25-$30

Shellac  off                                                             $10

Acrylic/Dip Soak Off                                          $20

Nail Repair                                                             $5 & up


Please call if you have any questions about our exact prices on any service you are inquiring about 

Prices may vary depending on what technician you get, however, most technicians charge the fixed price that you see on our website